Crime Stats in Our Neighborhood 

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We are having an increase in home burglaries and invasions in our communities on the far Eastside. We have noticed that some homes are leaving their garage doors cracked open a few inches probably for pets or to let the heat escape in the summer. A number of homes in the Gender area were broken into during the day by this same practice. The police have found out that by just leaving the garage door open a few inches, a good solid pull up will open it enough that someone can slip under. 


What is alarming is that homes are being entered whether or not there are people home. They are looking for cash, credit cards, and jewelry.  They are masked and have hurt one person so far. The other way they are entering homes is from parked vehicles with garage door openers left in them. They are breaking into the cars, taking remotes and opening garage doors and going into the houses.


The number of cases is alarming. They are clearly targeting this area and have even held up a hair cutting salon on Chatterton demanding all the customers hand over money, credit cards and jewelry.


The police have stepped up patrols in the area and have undercover officers in the area as well.  However, one thing, to be cautious of is that it does not happen to us. Officer Poole says that crime needs three things to happen:  


If you can eliminate one, then we can keep ourselves safe. Please do not provide the opportunity.


Click on the links below for information that will help keep you safe.

Personal Safety Top 10 tips
Preparing your home for Vacation
Residential Security
Robbery Risk Reduction for Businesses 

Have a safe summer and please alert us if you see anything suspicious or if a crime happens to you.


Officer James Poole #1948

Columbus Division of Police

SRB 20 pct. Community Liaison Officer

120 Marconi Blvd.

Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 645-1420

And remember, if you witness anyone in the area acting suspicious, please call the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-4545. If you witness a crime being committed, please call 911 immediately.

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